Greetings! I am a prolific artist with a diverse range of creative pursuits. By day, I channel my skills into crafting branded forms, web elements, and print designs for The IPS Group. However, when I'm not clicking away on a keyboard, I dive into the messy world of physical artistry as the Key Scenic Painter and Sculptor for Brutal Rust.
Within this portfolio-esque website, you'll discover a curated selection of my work spanning the past few years. Although not all-encompassing, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into my artistic endeavors. Think of it as a breakfast buffet at Grandy's - a satisfying array of deep-fried delights that leave you wanting more. From manipulating concrete to incorporating rust, stains, and other unconventional materials, my creations often push the boundaries of artistic expression.
So please, take a moment to peruse my collection and immerse yourself in the visual feast I've prepared. I hope it leaves you inspired and eager to explore the boundless realm of artistic possibilities.
Want to help save the Kickapoo forests of Texas? Donate to my real genuine synthetic charity "The Fake Chuck Norris Kickapoo Foundation" and your proceeds will immediately be deposited into my personal savings.  Venmo or  PayPal
-- Dad, Artist, Designer, Photographer, Climber - @FuManKirk Instagram account.
MidJourney AI Artwork
Yosemite Valley - Half Dome | Art Copyright: Kirk Fuson
Free Full Size Download: Click To Download 3'x3' Print
Morgan Freeman  |  Actor  |  Info on Mr. Freeman
Art Copyright: Kirk Fuson
Lindsay Lohan  |  Actress  |  Insta @ Lindsay Lohan
Artwork Copyright: Kirk Fuson
Katy Perry  |  Musical Artist  |
Art Copyright: Kirk Fuson
Artwork by Kirk Fuson
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