Years ago, almost a decade ago, I put pencil to paper and created a skull that launched a product used by Lucas Films, Disney, BlumHouse, television, film, professional haunted houses, businesses of all colors, artists and everyone in between. The skull is on t-shirts, metal, foam, products, paper and pixels. A drawing of a skull has traveled the world over. It’s recognizable to everyone who has used the product. A drawing did all of this.
I didn’t draw the skull for the achievements its accumulated. I didn’t dream up the company name knowing that it would be a success. It’s just what I do. I create.
What’s interesting to me in all of this is that with all the success the skull has had, the company is just a paint and patina company. Brutal Rust makes products that quickly and efficiently corrode and rust anything. We build props and sets that are covered in our products for industries that need our services.
A drawing and a bucket of customized latex paint created in the garage of my best friend Shayne Torrans has traveled the world. The paint can wouldn’t have succeeded in the manner it has without the skull. The skull would only have been a drawing that blended in with any other skull without the valuable paint. It took invention and art combined to create a successful company.
Why am I going on about this? It’s my firm belief that art alone isn’t enough to drive a company or brand. A company can’t succeed without a valuable product or service. A brand can’t succeed without the combination of art and product. Art has a place in our economy and society. Art and ingenuity are the backbone for company success.
A company that undervalues their engineers will fail. The same principle should be applied to artists and creatives in the company. Art is valuable.
If you’re an artist, draw! If you’re an inventor, invent! You are the most important factor in your success. Keep at it.
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