If I could make a living doing it, all I'd do is shoot photography for the haunted attraction industry. I love the raw emotion that the actors bring to the show. You can't pose photos that are going to evoke true emotion.
It takes the trust of the actors and experience to work the camera with minimal light in a very fast moving production to grab photographs worth a hill of beans. Time and experience combined with the eye of an artist are required.
Photographers forget that there is more to the art of photography than equipment and crystal clear shots. A wind-up camera can capture a moment that outshines the latest $6,000.00 camera can. A photograph that incorporates blur and fuzzy edges can stand out against the crisp capture of the same moment. It takes art to make an image that captures the emotion and mood of the moment.
My point to this is that if you enjoy taking photos, take them now with what you have. Start to understand your creative eye and don't let the technology or common expectations of what is good and what isn't get in the way.
Find your style and press the shutter button until it falls off. You will be amazed and pleased with the body of work you create.

Here are a few more photographs to add to my Kingwood Asylum collection.
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