Minil Effect
Book Cover: Kirk Fuson
Story: Kirk Fuson
This sample book cover was created for Jim Nord’s novel “Minil Effect”.
“You can’t slow down the heart Max!” the stylishly dressed pre-med student sarcastically spat as he lit his second joint. “I mean, if you want to find nirvana without actually going to nirvana, you should just take a hit of this.” Holding the lit joint in the air, he smiled and shook his other fist triumphantly. “Join us brother,” he chuckled.
Max smiled and then eyeballed the orange bottle of pills once again. “Dude, these will work. I’m sure of it.” Setting the bottle on the kitchen counter, Max grabbed the half eaten burger and took a victory bite. “Damn, he mumbled as he chewed with his mouth open. “This burger would go a lot better with beer.” Looking towards the pill bottle, Max squeezed the lid and popped it off. “I’m doing it!”
“Say hello to the ultimate being when you see him,” Ryan said as he took another hit.
The pill was oval shaped, blue and hinted at a better reality. Tossing it into the back of his mouth, Max grabbed the day old soda and took a large gulp. “Let the trip begin,” Max thought.
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