Book Cover: Kirk Fuson
Story: Kirk Fuson
This sample book cover was created for Paul Jaffe’s novel “Tremont”.
Don hadn’t smoked a cigarette in 6 days. Boots caked in mud, he suction cupped his way across the bog towards the yellow tape. “Hi Don,” his deputy said as he flicked his spent smoke away from the crime scene. “Damn’t Mike, you know I’m trying to quit.”
“Sorry Don.” “I don’t know why the hell you're tryin’ to stop. You’re going to kick the bucket one way or another. You might as well go out happy.”
Looking down, Don took in the scene. The muddied foot of a young girl stuck out from under the sheet. No footprints around the body except for Mike’s. A good 30 yards away from the road. “Someone had to really go out of their way to get her body out here,” said Don.
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