Book Cover: Kirk Fuson
Story: Kirk Fuson
This sample book cover was created for Patricia Maas’s novel “T.R.I.N.”.
“My dad always used to say that you can’t kill em’ twice.” Scratching the almost bald spot on the top of his head, Tommy stared out the grimy window into the city lights. It had been two hours since he left the morgue. Two hours since Dr. Wymes showed him the remains of what appeared to be a homeless man.
The corpse was rail thin, stretched tight and grey in color. The eyes were missing and no visible signs of struggle or malice were evident. The only thing to hang a sign on was the corpses esophagus. The damn thing was sealed shut an inch and a half behind the last molar. It hadn’t been surgically sealed either. It was just sealed.
A bright light stabbed Tommy’s eye’s as a car made its way around the bend in front of the Motel 6. Squinting, Tommy turned to pick up the olive green rotary phone that was screwed to the bedside table. Tapping on the numbers, he waited for the line to connect. “Hey John, it’s Tommy. What do you know about aliens?”
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