Book Cover: Kirk Fuson
Story: Kirk Fuson
This sample book cover was created for Pam Sharma’s novel “Under”.
The salt and mucus burned the back of his nose and throat as he pulled for the light above. The blue rumble of mother nature pressed up against his skull like a vice. Bubbles blocking his vision, he tugged hard on his life cord. Up he moved. Ages passed by as he started to choke on his own breath. His finger hit the bite of cold air and he inhaled the musk of the sea. Opening his eyes, Kyle rolled over to check for the next set.
The wave rolled him over and the darkness beckoned him once more. Blue sky, dark depths, blue sky. The master was making a fool of its puppet. Kicking hard, Kyle took another breath as he broke the surface.
“Dude!” “Kyle, what the hell man,” a voice barked. His scalp immediately burned as his head and arm were dragged up and across the back of the ski. “Cussing A!” Bart screamed. “You trying to kill the both of us?” The large man dressed in seal skin kept one hand on Kyle’s back as he turned the ski towards the lazy side of the break. “Dude, you’ve got to get your shit together,” he said. “I can’t keep putting my life in danger for you to get 10 seconds of Instagram fame.” Looking towards his best friend of twenty years, Bart wrinkled his brow and cleared his nose with salty snot rockets.
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